Highlights of the Yam Yam! Festival

Antonia Bici, Albany Front of House Team Member and Volunteer, shares some of the highlights of the Yam Yam! Festival

Yam Yam! festival is ending with a bang! After immersing our senses in the sumptuous tastes of pop up restaurants and workshops it was time to get our hands and our clothes thoroughly dirty last Saturday as Albany Uncover Youth theatre caused chaos with a massive food fight.

Yam Yam! is an event that has featured prominently at the Albany throughout October and November, and reaches its Mogadisco finale on Sat 17 November. Yam Yam! is a food festival that celebrates the interactions that happen when people come together to cook and eat, and is inspired by cultures that are local to Deptford.

As Yam Yam! is drawing to a close we felt that it would be a good time to share our reflections and photos of the highlights of the festival, and  now we’re looking forward to dancing the night away at the final Yam Yam! event, Mogadisco LIVE! this Saturday 17 November. So far Yam Yam! has involved plenty of eating, some audience collaboration and that satisfying feeling when your belly is so full you can barely move. That’s why we thought it would be a good time to start moving again, to the sounds of Mogadisco, South London’s finest night of African music. Disco hi-life legend Orlando Julius is making a rare UK appearance and will feature in a line-up of music ranging from Afro-beat to Congo Jazz and Ethiopian Funk.

Tickets are still available and can be booked on our website

Antonia Bici, Albany Front of House Team Member and Volunteer

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