What’s Hatchin’ at the Albany?

In March 2014 Hatched returns to the Albany. After its pilot run in July 2013, Hatched is back, offering two more artists the space and support to create, play and polish some new work. Matilda Moors, Programming Assistant, introduces the new Hatched artists.  

Back in July the Albany piloted Hatched and I was lucky enough to be put behind the steering wheel. Hatched is one of many ways that the Albany supports artists’ development. For me, it is perhaps the most exciting – not only because I work on it – but also because each week of space and development time culminates in a performance. This means that audiences get to see how the artists have developed, and more importantly, that the artists have the chance to find out how audiences react to what they’ve been working on.

It works like this. In exchange for one week’s rehearsal space and some technical support, each artist shares what they’ve been working on. Last July Nitro, Ampersands Media, Tricity Vogue, and Tom Frankland & Laura Mugridge all took part. Between them there was everything from a family show featuring a city-slicker squirrel to a drag action musical.

When Hatched returns next March Lakeisha Lynch-Stevens and Deanna Rodger will be joining us. They’re two Londoners with backgrounds in spoken word and a strong connection to the Albany. Both will be working on personal firsts: Deanna’s first full-length theatre piece and Lakeisha’s first solo performance.

As one of the founding members of Chill Pill, Deanna is no stranger to the Albany. She is a celebrated spoken word artist who’ll be working on her first piece of theatre, London Matter (Friday 7 March). The show is an in-depth look at the relationship between love and darkness through the question, “why aren’t London’s lights ever switched off?” Deanna has been writing and performing poetry all over the country (and at Buckingham Palace and Downing Street, no less), and it will be really exciting to see how her way with words translates into a fully formed piece of theatre.

Lakeisha has the second week, developing Cards for Tyrone (Friday 21 March). She’s also no stranger to the Albany, having been a part of Uncover Theatre for several years. Cards for Tyrone explores the world of Suna Thompson, acclaimed counsellor, who has suddenly found herself endowed with special powers.  Lakeisha has worked with resident company Apples and Snakes’ Young Writers group and written short film Birthday Wish (with Eugene Osei) which was selected as part of the British Urban Film Festival. It’s great to be able to give Lakeisha, who’s an emerging artist, a platform to perform her first solo piece. I can’t wait to see what she’ll come up with.

To be honest working on Hatched is my favourite part of my job. Giving artists the chance to put something never seen before out into the world and letting people suck it and see. It’s possible you’ll see something that isn’t to your taste – but with tickets for as little as a pound it’s worth the risk. The joy for me in Hatched is that the performances you’ll see might well be rawer, rougher and perhaps a little bit more pure than the final product – and that’s what makes me love it. I reckon you might too.

Find out more about the Albany and book tickets at the Albany website.

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