When We Were Little…

Third Angel Life & Loves brochure image

Kicking off our thrilling Spring season, celebrated theatre makers Third Angel bring The Life & Loves of a Nobody to Deptford. As the title suggests, it follows the life of an apparent nobody, who has dreamed of running away with the circus and achieving fame since she was little. Exploring celebrity, identity and childhood dreams, this production is sure to pack a punch, and undoubtedly hit home with many of us. To get us excited for the show, Third Angel have asked the Albany team to join the #WhenIWasLittle bandwagon and answer what we wanted to be or do when we were little. Have a look at what some of us have said:


The Life & Loves of a Nobody is here Tuesday 3 – 7 February. For more information and to book tickets, click here. Join the #WhenIWasLittle conversation on our Twitter @TheAlbanySE8 and @thirdangeluk.

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