Meet Me at the Albany: A Guest Blog by Yestrans

Yestrans  is a German to English translation company based within the Albany.

We’ve had our office at the Albany since January 2014; we love it here, and the community focus of the organisation was a huge attraction for us. We’re a translation company with international connections, but supporting local initiatives is really important to us, so The Albany feels like the perfect home for our company.

Meet Me at the Albany means that Tuesday is always a highlight of our week. It’s such an uplifting environment to come into when arriving for work, with the café space full of happiness and creative energy. When we found out more about the programme and the fantastic work it does to reduce social isolation for the over 60′s in the area, we were delighted to become official supporters. The remarkable – and enormously popular – programme includes creative partnerships with established artists and has been cleverly designed to include things like professionally-run courses on circus skills – a brilliant idea which aims to reduce falls among participants by promoting better balance.

As the Albany themselves say, this isn’t your usual over 60′s programme:
‘At Meet Me at the Albany, participants are just as likely to be suspended on silks in a circus workshop, enjoying a performance of jazz or writing poetry with top poets like Simon Mole and Malika Booker, as they are to be drinking cups of tea or knitting.’

With the ever-increasing challenges programmes like this face due to reductions in local authority funding, we wanted to do our bit to help.
Activities coming up in the next few weeks at Meet Me at The Albany include poetry, sculpting and choir sessions so we’re looking forward to seeing and hearing the results when we arrive in the office each week!

Luke Trinder, Founder, Yestrans

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