I Need A Dollar! Part of SKINT Festival at Canada Water Culture Space

Next week at the Albany’s sister venue, Canada Water Culture Space, InShort Film Festival presents a showcase of ingenious, surreal and innovative short films exploring humans’ relationship with work, money and happiness.

Each year InShort Film Festival screens the best international, inclusive, and independent shorts, exposing multicultural audiences to stories from all corners of the world. Their film programmes celebrate the differences and similarities in people’s experiences worldwide, with many themes popping up universally in the visions of filmmakers from different perspectives.

InShortFF was invited to curate the film part of the Albany’s SKINT programme, which allows you to get your film and theatre fix this February, even if you’re skint – all the events are £5 or pay-what-you-decide. People both locally and worldwide are affected by the financial restraints and poor employment opportunities of our current age. So on Friday 17 February 2017, InShortFF’s screening I Need A Dollar! brings some of the best, most powerful, and most relatable of these stories, with filmmakers from Chile, Australia, India, Russia, Spain and the US, to name a few, to our Southwark theatre.

Some of these films depict economic realities with stunning realism and accuracy, like Far is Here from Chile. This unforgettable experimental documentary will amaze you in its story of exile, migration and economic survival. Other films leap inspirationally towards happiness and freedom – material or immaterial.  A stand out short is The Chunk and The Whore, which was awarded TOP 10 of InShortFF 2016. Its director, French provocateur Antoine Paley depicts the unlikely relationship between a bored gas station cashier and a sex worker, and puts a middle finger up to working life! The programme also features a brilliant and surprising Spanish comedy Grown Ups by Javier Marcos, who plays with film form and expectation to shock and amuse audiences. A playful story about social expectations of how successful and happy adult life should look. You can expect a good mixture of film genres, including mentioned documentary, fiction, comedy, experimental and animation.

I Need A Dollar! gathers together the best internationally awarded short films set in, and dealing with, economic survival, through surreal and comedic filmmaking. Setting the scene for InShort Film Festival’s return in Autumn, see the best film talent and most interesting stories from around the (working) world. These films will free your mind – all you have to lose is your chains!




P.S. Are you a filmmaker and have a new short? Don’t miss the upcoming Early Bird deadline for this year’s edition of InShortFF! Submit here: https://filmfreeway.com/festival/InShortFF


By Martha Margetson, InShort Film Festival

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