Canada Water Theatre meets Strictly Arts to talk about Freeman

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We are so excited to have Freeman with us at Canada Water Theatre. Can you tell us what it means to you as a piece of theatre?

We have been working on Freeman for close to two years now so it’s very important to us and it’s simply amazing the level of responses we have had from the audiences so far. We ventured in to making theatre to start conversations on topics that we felt were overlooked and were important to us. Freeman seems to be doing that and we couldn’t be prouder.


Why is it important to tell William Freeman’s story?

William Freeman’s story was a very clear point for us in the history of justice and race. A lot of what happens today has its roots in how people like William were treated in the 1800’s. It’s also a very important part of the history of mental health and its relationship with the justice system as he was the first American defendant to plead insanity in court.


If you could change one thing about the theatre industry, what would it be?

We would make it more diverse. If there were a greater number of playwrights, composers and directors from every sort of background we believe there would be a greater diversity at every level of the theatre, and no one would feel like it is an elitist pastime or something that they couldn’t connect to.


Can you describe Freeman in three words?

That’s a tough one… Our audiences have described it as: Provocative, Powerful and Poignant.


Why should audiences come and see it?

Because there’s no other show tackling the relationship between race, mental health and the justice system in the same way.


Freeman is on at Canada Water Theatre on Wednesday 18th October at 7.30pm.

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