Why we’re excited about Native Dancer

Native Dancer 1

We’re so excited to have you play with us at the Albany, what does it mean to you to perform in a local venue as a South London based band?

We’re so thrilled and excited to be a part of the festival and to be playing round the corner from where we all live is an amazing feeling. It’s such a big music scene full of life down here and I know The Albany does so much good work for the community so it definitely feels extra special to be a part of the London jazz Festival in this way.


This is the second time you’ve performed as part of the London Jazz festival, what do you think the festival means to jazz lovers in the city?

I think the festival gives an opportunity for jazz lovers to see a lot of high quality gigs in short space of time, and the vibe in the city is always really exciting during the festival, as a musician it’s great to be able to go out and know there will be a hang at most venues every night. Having said that gigs are  constantly happening all year round in london at underground venues, people should definitely look out for those and support the amazing music scene in this city.


Who’s your favourite jazz act of the moment?

Joe Wright. An absolutely incredible saxophone player, writer and instrument inventor, get to know.


If you guys were going to go out for a night in South London where would you go?

We love Bussey building in Peckham. They always put on amazing events and that’s actually where we launched our first EP a couple of years back!


What can people expect from a Native Dancer gig?

You can expect an honest, engaged  performance. We always try to get lost in the moment and keep some things very loose so both the audience and ourselves can feel connected and make the night feel special.


Native Dancer play the Albany on Saturday 11 November as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival, with support from Sawa-Manga. Doors are at 7.30pm. Tickets from £12.

Book here.

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