Chatting about Frost Fest with the Albany Young Creatives Sheyamali Sudesh




Thanks to the Albany Young Creatives, the magic of the legendary frost fayres will return to London on Saturday, December 2nd at Deptford Lounge with Frost Fest. Read the interview we had with Young Creatives member, Sheyamali Sudesh, to find out more about the event and the experience she has gained from planning the festival.


What was your inspiration for the festival?

The history of Deptford and London. Looking back on a place and celebrating the activities that took place there in the past is magical. It is exactly what is needed for a Winter Festival.

How does Young Creatives differ from anything you’ve done before?

I have been thrown in to the deep end – I have never programmed, project managed and helped out with marketing all at once – and especially not for a festival! I am learning so much in a short amount of time.

What have you personally gained learned from this experience so far and what do you think you will learn?

I have learnt how to work in a team that has a very diverse range of backgrounds and levels of experience in events management.

I have learnt about budgeting and things to think about before allocating money to different causes.

How will being involved have an impact on your future plans?

I hope to gain paid experience (and a job!) at galleries or theatres.

Tell us about the event you are organising?

It is a winter themed festival called ‘Frost Fest’, exploring the frost fayres that took place on the frozen river Thames between the 17th and 19th century. We are jealous of the people that put on and attended the events – so we thought we would put on our own.


Don’t miss your chance to attend Frost Fest on December 2nd from 11am to 4pm for live performances, delicious treats, craft workshops and guaranteed festive fun!





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