Work Experience at the Albany by Kerlis Norbal (age 14)

For the past week I have been at the Albany for my work experience it has been amazing so far, I have been with the marketing team, Meet Me at The Albany, Development + Hires and Office Admin. The job that I have enjoyed the most so far is working with the marketing team because there has been so much to do from working out costs for different shows coming in, to making sure advertising is up to date from online to leaflets in cafes. Plus it’s just a different experience to just sitting at a desk all day.

 On the first day of my work experience I was with the marketing team all day. First we had a meeting about the different shows that where going to be available during the Christmas period. On the next day I was with the members of Meet Me at The Albany, this was a very different experience for me because I have never worked with older people, so it was kind of a new thing for me to take in, but they were really friendly and their singing skills were amazing. On Wednesday I was back with the marketing team in the morning, some of the staff had been out in the market area selling tickets for £1 for  the next season shows… it was very cold outside but I was able to get my hands on a hot chocolate which really warmed me up. After having my hot chocolate I was on balloon duty. I had to make sure that we did not run out of balloons to give out to the toddlers and babies. With every person we spoke to and every balloon we handed out I had to write it down for data.

 After my lunch break I was with the developing and booking/Hires team, it was very quiet working with them and I had quite a lot of typing to do with little time so not all of it got completed but I did my best. It was a very nice way to end my work day. On Thursday I started work at 12.30 because I finished later. When I got in, I began to work on my Arts Award which is very interesting and I cannot wait to finish it. I have so many different tasks to do which I really enjoy, so I can’t wait to see my end product. After my lunch break I continued doing my Arts Awards and also began watching dance videos for inspiration. When it was around 5:15 I left the Albany to go to TNG in Sydenham to help with an after school drama class, I did not get involved much as I did not know what to do. On the Friday I started at 1pm, so when I came I got straight to work with Senay who works as the head of admin, when I arrived they told me about what they do, and how what they do plays a big part of the marketing and development and hire team. After that I got given a bunch of papers that were already in order and I filed them away during my office admin time.

 SUNDAY THE BIG COMPETITION DAY, this day was one of the best. I went to a dance competition which I was asked to go to. My journey there was a bit difficult but once I got there everything was good. When I got there my friends had asked me to be in the solo dance competition so I agreed. I got into the final which really was a shocker for me…then they called out the numbers that where 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and then they called the last number for 1st place, and to my surprise I won the under 16 solo street dance competition. Which really was amazing, I was lost for words. Our dance teacher also came 1st in the teachers competition, one of the parents from Love2Dance also came first which was a surprise for her, so we were kind of in a winning streak. The Love2Dance crew came 2nd place in the under 16 group competition, and for our first ever competition I feel that we done very good and I cannot wait until next year.





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