Lewisham Live Call Out from Albany Young Creatives

As part of the The Albany Young Creatives programme, we are looking for artists, writers, thinkers, and performers to explore the theme of Identity and submit a short proposal for a performance work that will be performed at The Albany in our cumulative Young Creatives event on 24th March 2018, as part of Lewisham Live Festival.

The application process will be split into 2 stages. Deadline for initial submissions is 26th February 2018. The deadline for the final proposal is 2nd March 2018. Existing work and performances are eligible.


The Albany Young Creatives are a collective of interdisciplinary artists and producers aged 16 to 25 who create original work and platforms to showcase innovative artists and performers.


In the run up to the event, we are seeking artists, performers, writers and devisers to explore the theme of “Identity” and submit a short proposal for a performance piece. Proposals can utilise traditional theatre formats as well as interactive and interdisciplinary work, music, comedy, spoken word, live art, poetry, dance, circus work..


Identity – “the fact of being; who or what a person or being is”

What does identity mean to you? Does it refer to the individual or the collective? The ancient or the present? The permanent or the temporary?

Which identities are recognised, and which are obscured? How is identity produced? What constitutes the process of identification?  

How do our identities affect our relationships and interactions – both with others and ourselves?  

How does identity extend beyond the human – to the non-human, the geographic, the digital and the speculative?

How can it be celebrated? Examined? Problematised? Embraced?

Explain how your proposed piece and practice responds to these provocations. All art forms and performance styles are welcomed.


→ Please email submissions by 12pm on 26th  February 2018 to: AlbanyYoungCreatives2018@gmail.com

→ Initial proposals should be no longer than 350 words.

→ Additionally, please provide links to examples of previous work and include your name, contact details and location.

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