Lewisham Live: discussing identity with Albany Young Creatives

“With no direction, there can be no goal…”

To get you right behind the scenes of ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire? – the brand new performance by the Albany Young Creatives (AYC), members of the AYC have been telling us all about themselves, their background and what identity means to them.

First up: Tendayi Karl Mutongerwa

Age: 24

Fun fact: I am part of an artistic collective called Rose Tint Rebellion, specialising in Music, Film and Design, as an artist and producer.

What is your role on the Young Creatives team?

I am the Sound Technician in charge of creative sound design and sound engineering prior and during the showcase.

What is your favourite part about AYC?

Personally my favourite part is the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of multi disciplinary creative artists and talented individuals. This project has given me the platform to explore my existing skills whilst learning new ones.

Lets talk about the topic of the event now.

What is identity for you?

Identity to me means a fact that defines your personal being. The reason why you get up from your bed in the morning, what your passion is built upon and what separates you as an individual, from the billions of people in the world.

If you could choose a destination to best describe your identity what destination would be and why?

The destination that best describes me is Harare, Zimbabwe, my country of origin. This is because all of my earlier child hood years, which have moulded the person I am today, all spawned from my late grand mother’s house in Harare. This is where I practically grew up from the ages of 2-6 years, before moving to the United Kingdom. I still have vivid memories of the teachings both my grandmother and Grandfather imparted on to me, which almost govern all the decisions I make to date.

Do you think identity is defined by the country you were born in?

No. I believe identity is culminated by time, due to the experiences you have and share with the others. For instance what we learn in one day or a single moment, could shape the person you become for the next 5 years.

How important is identity to you?

Identity to me is crucial. I believe without confirmation of self, life can begin to feel unfulfilled, as your purpose is unclear. A long time ago my father said to me “With no direction, there can be no goal” and I hold that passage very close to my heart. So identity is imperative to having a purpose.

If you could, would you change your identity? Why?

To be honest when I was younger I did want to be someone because I view myself as incomplete and not perfect. However now I’m older and somewhat wiser, through the experiences I have had, I now understand my true Identity and in turn my true worth, I have realised all my imperfections make who I am and have sculpted the present day. To be honest I have never been happier in my life and I wouldn’t change a thing because it would affect my present reality. So no, I would never want to change my identity but instead I am grateful for finding it.

We Didn’t Start The Fire?‘ takes place on Saturday 24th March at The Albany Theatre, Deptford.

Tickets on Sale Now here !

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