Lewisham Live: Getting to know you, this week Albany Young Creative Christina Samara!

As part of Lewisham Live, the Albany Young Creatives are going to be presenting We Didn’t Start the Fire? an evening of music and dance with acts which raise burning questions of the youth of today. We’ve been talking to the Albany Young Creatives to find out more about themselves and their opinions on identity, this week…

Name: Christina Samara
Fun fact about you: my black sense of humor

What is your role on the Young Creatives team?
  I am member of the production team

What is your favourite part about it?
 That we literary create and learning stuff and that I have met so many people with different personalities and mentality.

Lets talk about the topic of the event now, what is identity for you?
Is what distinguishes us from the others.

 If you could choose a destination to best describe your identity  what destination would be and why?
Definitely a Greek island.

Do you think identity is defined by the country you were born in?
 Sometimes!! It depends on many factors.

How important is identity to you?
I suppose is significant because in terms of socializing it gives you the opportunity to meet different aspects of life. In terms of individuality, is the best way to evaluate your own self.

 If you could, would you change your identity? Why?
My identity is not fixed yet. It always changes shape. Every single day I am becoming a different person and I am gaining experience. Undoubtedly, the core of my identity relates to my family and my nationality but I think that people built their own identity till they become old enough.


Lewisham Live! We Didn’t Start the Fire?
Saturday 24th March at 7.30pm. Ages 16+.
To book tickets and find out more, click here. 


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