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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

The days have grown shorter and a chill is in the air, but we are very excited this December. Our biggest season ever is soon finishing off with a bang and to get you pumped up, our Marketing Assistant, Allison Gold, lets us know what she is most looking forward to before the Christmas holiday.

This Autumn season has been huge, jam-packed with a rich assortment of art. Some highlights were our first BOLD Festival celebrating arts and older people, the biannual festival of South African culture Afrovibesand who could possibly forget that we were the national home of Fun Palaces, celebrating Joan Littlewood’s centenary as well as arts and sciences? With our friends, we even created our very own Deptford Fun Palaces for all to enjoy on Sunday 5 October. It has really been a whirlwind, but it’s not over just yet. We’ve still got one more month to ring in a New Year properly. Here are three brilliant events yet to come this month:

1) We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Of course, most of the Albs is absolutely buzzing about our upcoming family Christmas show, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Little Angel Theatre’s take on the classic Michael Rosen book is just too cute to resist. The charming puppets just leap off the page in search of a bear. If you stick around after the show, you just might be able to play a little dress-up with our Bear Hunt Corner, including a grumpy bear costume!

Wednesday 10 December – Tuesday 6 January 2015. For more information and to book tickets, click here.


2) Snowflakes & Snowballs & the Deptford Bear Hunt

Another seasonal event to warm your toes is Deptford Lounge’s very own winter wonderland Snowflakes & Snowballs, a free day of festive family fun. As it’s rather nippy outside, head on inside for a warmth of the Lounge where there will be craft stalls, performances, activities and even some Christmas film screenings. What better way to celebrate this time of year? And if your little ones are a bit more energetic, they can join the Deptford Bear Hunt – pick up a list of clues and spot the bears around Deptford for a chance to win a Family Ticket to We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

Snowflakes & Snowballs is Saturday 13 December, 10am – 4pm at Deptford Lounge. No booking required. For more information, click here.

The Deptford Bear Hunt is happening the week of Saturday 6 to Saturday 13 December. Pick up a form with clues at the reception of the Albany or Deptford Lounge.


3) Chill Pill: Christmas Special

To end the year off just right, we had to include a dose of our favourite spoken word collective, Chill Pill. Come chill out for a Christmassy night of poetry and a dash of music with four-piece South East London band United Vibrations. Even I would come out of my winter hibernation for this.

Thursday 18 December, 8pm (doors). For more information and to book tickets, click here.


I hope to see all your smiling faces before the New Year at the Albany!

Allison Gold, Marketing Assistant, The Albany


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Afrovibes Gets a Dose of Chill Pill

Afrovibes 2014 'REVIVALISTS'Only a week to go until Afrovibes, a festival celebrating South African culture, takes over Deptford with award-winning theatre, music and dance. As part of the festival, our associate company Chill Pill have headed to Amsterdam to work with the South African artists of The Revivalists, where they will sample sections from four well-known plays and transform them to make statements about their identities. The Revivalists will have its only UK performance with us on Friday 17 October, 7.30pm. Chill Pill poet Adam Kammerling lets us know how rehearsals are progressing in Amsterdam so far: 

What links Chekov’s The Cherry Orchard, Euripides’ The Bacchae, Henry Ibsen’s The Enemy Of The People, Maria Stuart by Schiller and Shakespeare’s Othello? Answer on a postcard please.

Me and long time Chill Pill compadre, Stephanie Turner, are all up in Amsterdam working on a show called The Revivalists. It’s a theatre show that aims to find the answer to the above question. The Revivalists are a crew of incredible South African artists, all from different disciplines, reviving classic texts in their own styles, telling their personal stories through monologues in the aforementioned texts. A narrative has emerged organically over the process of development and the show is getting pretty epic.

The experience has been deep in a thousand ways for a thousand reasons. Firstly, theatre practice is SERIOUSLY different to the life of isolated key bashing/pen scratching that us poets inhabit. There’s more sweating. More dancing. More trusting.

Secondly, the vision of Maarten van Hinte and Marjorie Boston, and the current cast is huge. The span of themes being pulled in through the filter of these texts is amazing. The process of cyphering allows everything in to interact with everything else. If you have an idea, you realise it as fully as possible and then the group decides if and how it can play out in the entire piece. The process is a conversation of short works (and then actual conversations) between all the artists. It makes for the richest and most creative space I have ever worked in.Adam Kammerling

We rolled up to a fashion event on Sunday and ran a short extract of the piece. The other performers, who are mainly theatre makers, are all seriously amazing and we blew some unsuspecting minds. First full run is this weekend and we’ll be doing the show at the Albany on the 17th. We can’t wait.

Meanwhile, back in the land of London, the rest of the gang have sorted out some cracking acts for our parties in the Township Cafe during Afrovibes UK. Not to mention our Chill Pill show on the 16th, featuring South Africa’s own Toni Stuart and London Zulu. I am very excited.

Right. Back to rehearsals.


Adam Kammerling, Poet, Chill Pill

Chill Pill will perform with The Revivalists artists throughout the week of Afrovibes festival at three different events: Chill Pill Plus… (Wednesday – Friday 17 October, 8.30pm), Chill Pill: Afrovibes (Thursday 16 October, 7.30pm) and The Revivalists (Friday 17 October, 7.30pm). 

For more information about Afrovibes and to book tickets, click here.

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‘Buildings are more than bricks’: Chill Pill on the fate of Glasgow’s Red Road Flats

Chill Pill are in residence at the Guardian, and this week poet Adam Kammerling wrote a touching spoken word response to the plans to demolish Glasgow’s Red Road flats live on television as part of the Commonwealth Games. With backlash over people’s homes and history being publicly demolished in such a spectacle, Adam brings a poignant perspective for the second instalment of Chill Pill’s Guardian takeover. Click on the image below to have a watch:


Chill Pill will be hosting and performing at Chill Pill: The Big One at the Albany on 24 April. For more information and tickets, click here.

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‘Unplug the unnecessary’: Chill Pill’s Response to Earth Hour

Simon Mole and Mr Gee of Chill Pill created a spoken word response to Earth Hour, which appeared on The Guardian website today. The poem is inspired by news stories about the UN warning over the world’s food supplies and how lights were switched off at famous landmarks in cities around the world for Earth Hour.  Click on the image below to have a watch: 


Chill Pill will be hosting and performing at Chill Pill: The Big One at the Albany on 24 April. For more information and tickets, click here.

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