Lewisham Live: Getting to know you, with lighting designer Bernadette Ward!

As part of Lewisham Live, the Albany Young Creatives are going to be presenting We Didn’t Start the Fire? an evening of music and dance with acts which raise burning questions of the youth of today. We’ve been talking to the Albany Young Creatives to find out more about themselves and their opinions on identity…


Name: Bernadette Ward
Age: 23
Fun Fact about you: My favourite colour is pink!

Role in Young Creatives team: Lighting Designer
Favourite part about the Young Creatives: Working with a wide variety of people from a range of backgrounds
Works at:  Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance as a production intern


  • What identity means to you.
    Identity to me means who you are in relation to society, family and work. We are all different but we are all important and all have valuable skills and ideas which make us who we are.
  • If you could choose a destination to best describe your identity what destination would be and why?
    The destination which best describes me is the village I grew up  – Rustington which is on the South Coast. It is a lovely little village and I have fond memories of growing up there. Its also right next to the sea which is where I used to spend most of summer holidays. I’m quite a calm peaceful person and I feel that growing up in this village helped influence that.
  • Do you think identity is defined by the country you were born in?
    I don’t think it’s defined by the country you were born in but I certainly feel like it has a big impact. If you spent a lot of time in a particular country when you where young you are going to grow up to the rules and social climate of that country, but who you are yourself ultimately defines who you are. As you get older and travel more and meet new people your identity changes, who you are changes and you might no longer be a ‘stereotypical’ person from the country you were born in.
  • How important is identity to you
    Identity is fairly important to me, I am my own person and don’t pretend to be something I’m not. I’m happy to stand out from the crowd and not follow the rule book. I think everyone should be free to be who they are, to dress the way they want and to believe in whatever feels right for them without constant judgement and discrimination. We are all different and all have our own identities.
  • If you could, would you change your identity? Why?
    No I wouldn’t change my identity. I am who I am, why would I want to change that? In a world populated by billons of people it’s important to remain who you are.


Lewisham Live! We Didn’t Start the Fire?
Saturday 24th March at 7.30pm. Ages 16+.
To book tickets and find out more, click here. 

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